Our Mission

Our Mission

To find and empower individuals with red-green colour vision deficiency in their every day activities.
Our Vision

Our Vision

A world where all people affected by colour vision deficiency are diagnosed and treated for their condition.
Our Purpose

Our Purpose

That colours power our lives and options, but if not seen properly can also be a limiting factor.
Our story
Our story

In 2020, COLORON was founded through a unique collaboration with leading colour vision scientists and ophthalmology experts. Our mission is simple yet profound: to enhance the daily lives of individuals with red-green color vision deficiency.

COLORON is part of the Medicontur family, a well-known medical device specialist with over 30 years of experience in precise optical solutions for cataract treatment and ocular diseases.

The early days

It is 1986 – two aspiring associate professors, Prof dr. habil György Ábrahám and Dr Klára Wenzel, at the world-renown Budapest University of Technology and Economics make it their mission to develop a solution for colour vision deficiency. The first patents for filtering technologies and diagnoses are published soon after and as the scientific literature and understanding for colour vision progressed over the years newer approaches are developed and patented.

As the scientific literature progressed, so did technology. Over the years multiple colour vision approaches were developed, even partially commercialised, however, the quest to develop a product to cover the mass remained.

Scitech fusion

Our journey took shape in 2015 when Prof dr. habil György Ábrahám and Medicontur’s CEO crossed paths at a scientific conference. This chance meeting sowed the seeds of a pioneering partnership. With 30+ years of expertise, Medicontur is a global leader in ophthalmology. We’ve implanted over 7 million intraocular lenses in 90+ countries, extending our mission to provide vision to underserved regions.

Soon after the two journeys became one, and the mission to provide cutting edge colour vision solutions globally became reality.


After countless conversations with our clients, COLORON was forged from a need for CVD-alleviating lenses optimised for the changing demands of real life. Our aim was to create a top-notch solution that's both effortless and effortlessly cool to wear for colour vision deficient individuals to see the world in all its vibrancy.

Our commitment goes beyond technology; it’s about humanity. We support medical missions, partnering with compassionate doctors and organisations to restore sight where access to basic medical care is limited. Join us in our vision to be a premium, patient-focused IOL company, developing innovative solutions for doctors worldwide, ensuring the best possible vision for all.

From Tomatoes to Colour Vision Enhancing Glasses

Prof. dr. habil György Ábrahám presents the revolutionary concept of colour vision glasses, the basic idea of which was born in a canned tomato factory. Discover the science behind it, developed at the BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with dr habil Klára Wenzel.

Meet The COLORON Team

What makes our team exceptional is the diverse expertise each member brings to the table. It is a fusion of scientific minds and creative specialists. Engineers and neuroscientists collaborate to develop cutting-edge eyewear technology, ensuring our products are both functional and stylish. Simultaneously, our sales, e-commerce, customer service, quality control and eyewear manufacturing specialists handle everything from research to manufacturing and sales, allowing us to maintain rigorous quality control and streamlined processes.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by colourblind individuals, our team tailors products and services with their needs in mind. Our customer-centric approach goes beyond meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them and providing a tailored eyewear experience that addresses the nuances of colour vision deficiency.

How COLORON works
  • The purpose of our glasses is to “reposition” the defective receptor that has shifted.
  • Because the defective receptor is sensitive to a different colour, a colour filter must be used to shift the receptor’s sensitivity in the correct direction.
  • This can be achieved by filtering the spectrum of light entering the eye so that the effect is equivalent to the desired shift in receptor sensitivity.

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COLORON optics are designed to eliminate specific
wavelengths of light contributing to a signal overlap.

By changing the input to the visual system COLORON optics amplify the red-green signals entering the eye, thereby creating a more complete visual experience.

Colour Vision Simulator Colour Vision Simulator