Our journey is a special one because at first there were two journeys. One that started in 1989 in Munich, Germany (Medicontur Medical Engineering Ltd.), and one that started in 1986 at the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest.

It started with a team of Scientists

Meet the scientific minds behind  COLORON.

It is 1986 - two aspiring associate professors at the world-renown Budapest University of Technology and Economics make it their mission to develop a solution for colour vision deficiency. The first patents for filtering technologies and diagnosis are published soon after and as the scientific literature and understanding for colour vision progressed over the years newer approaches are developed and patented.

As the scientific literature progressed, so did technology. Over the years multiple colour vision approaches were developed, even partially commercialised, however, the quest to develop a product to cover the mass remained.

Check out our photo archive and dive into some colour vision history.

The rise of Medicontur Medical Engineering

Founded in 1989 in Munich Germany, two medical students from the LMU university made it their project to become pioneers in intraocular lens development and manufacturing. Today, Medicontur intraocular lenses are implanted in over 60 countries around the world and are widely regarded as an industry leader in material, design and optics.

And now Medicontur has also developed and is manufacturing solutions for colour vision deficient people all around the world.

The journeys meet

During a 2015 scientific conference Professor Abraham and the CEO of Medicontur crossed paths for the first time and exchanged on a potential collaboration.

Soon after the two journeys became one, and the mission to provide cutting edge colour vision solutions globally became reality.

COLORON is founded and launched

After countless conversations with our clients, COLORON was forged from a need for CVD-alleviating lenses optimised for the changing demands of real life. Our aim was to create a top-notch solution that's both effortless and effortlessly cool to wear for colour vision deficient individuals to see the world in all its vibrancy.

The COLORON custom clip-on lenses easily adapt to their wearers in a click - whether you're indoors, outdoors, in front of a screen, or have a glasses prescription. Our handcrafted solutions combine cutting-edge CVD technology with sleek frame designs made from Italian-made thermoplastic, plant-based acetate or stainless steel.