Dominik K. from Germany
The frame of the glasses is of high quality and extremely light. This makes them comfortable to wear for several hours. For colourblind people, these are really nice and helpful glasses that help you get through everyday life.
Cristian from Italy
I highly recommend them, in the car every time I lifted my glasses to see the difference in the colour of the cars of the trees nature is all different everything coloured totally different it is very strange.
Agi from Germany
I gave these glasses to my father as a present. He is definitely convinced by his gift.
The glasses fit him well and the two colour clip-ons that came with them fit perfectly as they are magnetic.
Andrea from Germany
I bought these glasses for my teenage nephew who spends hours in front of screens and loves video games. He loved the indoor lenses and said that the colours were really popping. He said everything looked pink at first and had to wait a little for it to work though.
Marko V. from North Macedonia
I just fell in love with my coloron glasses. I am wearing the luxBlue almost 24/7. These are light weight and weirdly have a slight green hue that enhances green colors ever so slightly that if you get used to those it will make life more colorful.