Deutan and Protan Explained

Deutan and Protan Explained


Deutans are individuals with deuteranomaly or deuteranopia, which are types of red-green colour vision deficiencies. Deuteranomaly is a milder form, deuteranopia is a more severe form of red-green colour vision deficiency.

Deutans have a reduced sensitivity to medium wavelengths of light, which primarily affects the perception of the colour green.


Protans refer to individuals with protanomaly or protanopia, which are also forms of red-green color vision deficiencies. Protanomaly is a milder form and Protanopia is a more severe form of red-green colour vision deficiency.

Protans have a reduced sensitivity to long wavelengths of light, which primarily affects the perception of the color red.

In both cases, individuals with these colour vision deficiencies may see the world in a way that makes it challenging to differentiate between certain red and green hues.

These challenges may cause complications in everyday activity and lead to frustration.

The COLORON lens collection is designed to enhance overall colour vision and to light up the difference between reds and greens.

  1. Traffic Signals and Signs
    Navigating traffic signals and signs better, enhancing safety and confidence while driving.
  2. Maps and Charts
    Easier to interpret data and navigate information accurately with enhanced clarity and distinction of different colours.
  3. Watching Sports
    Enhanced clarity and distinction of team colours and field markings, allowing for a more engaging and enjoyable viewing experience.
  4. Sunrise
    Enhanced vividness and contrast of colours. Visually more stunning and emotionally impactful experience.
  5. Color-Coded Objects
    Easier to interpret and organise information accurately.
  6. Food Identification
    Enhanced ability to distinguish between different foods and their ripeness or quality.
  7. Fashion and Clothing Matching
    More accurate matching and coordination of outfits.
  8. Grocery Shopping
    Helps to identify and select fresh produce and distinguish between products more easily.
  9. Art and Design
    Allows for more accurate colour perception and creative expression.

COLORON Eyewear in Action

Discover how COLORON glasses are transforming everyday experiences for our users. Whether it's marveling at a stunning sunset, enjoying the excitement of a sports game, or interpreting complex maps and charts, COLORON enhances colour perception, making each moment more vibrant and engaging. Users report navigating traffic signals and signs with newfound confidence, easily identifying colour-coded objects, and enjoying a richer experience in grocery shopping and food selection. In fashion and design, COLORON glasses enable precise colour coordination and creative expression.

See how COLORON is making a difference in the lives of our users today.