Albus Kids Glasses Blue

Product Code: Deutan: CVK-5019 / Protan: CVK-5020
€ 130.20

Transform you child's learning experience and playtime into a joyful self-esteem boosting adventure.

  • Confident Learning & Joyful Playtime
  • Fun and Colourful Design
  • Lightweight Frames for a Safe & Active Lifestyle

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These specs are as light as a feather, so your kiddos can rock 'em all day long without a single "ouch!" They're like supercharged sidekicks, unleashing a burst of colours in school and play. From math class to screen adventures, these shades make every day a vibrant, action-packed fiesta. Say farewell to the ho-hum and welcome the high-energy – these shades turn colour vision into an adventure packed with fun and function!

Recommended for ages: 5-9

What's Inside The Box?

  • Albus frame in dark blue/light blue colour
  • Premium matte black hard case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Pouch for easy carrying
  • Instructions for Use


Your eyes need time to adapt and get used to the colour vision enhancing effect. We recommend the following to achieve the best results:
  1. Close your eyes befor putting the glasses on and only open them once the glasses are already on your face.
  2. All objects will first appear red. This is due to the natural adaptation process of the eye. A new and optimised colour balance is achieved after about 5-10 minutes. As soon as a white wall or a white sheet of paper appears white again, your eyes have adapted to the lenses.
  3. The effect of colour vision correction glasses will increases gradually. Maximum improvement can be reached after a few months of use.

COLORON glasses are an optical assistive device for enhancement of colour vision deficiency: they are not a cure for colour blindness. Results can vary depending on the type and extent of colour vision deficiency per individual.

Sizing Guide


Frame size: small

Measurements (lens width – nose bridge width – temple length): 46-17-135 mm

Worried about sizes and fitting? Check out our retailer list to find a partner optician near you.

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