Flavus 3-in-1 Glasses

Product Code: CVK-5120

Works for Protan and Deutan

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Works for both protan and deutan colour vision deficiency!

  • Compact, bold design with dynamic colour enhancement
  • Xperience and Strong lenses for unparalleled clarity
  • Easy lens swapping with strong magnetic clips

€ 208.11

Meet Flavus, the eyewear revolution in a compact, bold design. These glasses aren't just an accessory; they're your ticket to a vivid world, thanks to the Xperience and Strong lenses for ultimate colour clarity. Perfect for acing colour vision tests or enjoying the vibrant reds and greens of nature, Flavus is all about enhancing your visual experiences. With strong magnetic clips for easy lens swapping, it embodies the dynamic spirit of the modern adventurer. Flavus is your go-to for style and vision, making every moment and every scene brighter and more remarkable.


  • Plant-based acetate glasses with matte black finish
  • Neodymium magnets for optimal clip-on fit
  • Stainless steel hinges for durability
  • Blue-light filter base optics
  • Protan and Deutan colour vision enhancing optics in the clips
  • Scratch resistant layer on the lenses


Your eyes need time to adapt and get used to the colour vision enhancing effect. We recommend the following to achieve the best results:
  1. Close your eyes before putting the glasses on and only open them once the glasses are already on your face.
  2. All objects will first appear red. This is due to the natural adaptation process of the eye. A new and optimised colour balance is achieved after about 5-10 minutes. As soon as a white wall or a white sheet of paper appears white again, your eyes have adapted to the lenses.
  3. The effect of colour vision correction glasses will increases gradually. Maximum improvement can be reached after a few months of use.

COLORON glasses are an optical assistive device for enhancement of colour vision deficiency: they are not a cure for colour blindness. Results can vary depending on the type and extent of colour vision deficiency per individual.

Size Guide

In order to find the right COLORON frame for you please use our measurement guide.

Measure the below three distances - your favourite sunglasses or reading glasses can be a perfect comparison -, and find the best fitting frame from our collection.


Frame size: small

Measurements (lens width – nose bridge width – temple length): 46-18-140 mm

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What's In The Box?
What's In The Box?

This eyewear set includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and user instructions, all elegantly packaged in a durable, matte-black hard case for enhanced protection and style.

The Xperience lens
The Xperience lens
  • like your day-to-day colour buddy: it boosts how you see and experience colours—from fashion picks to culinary creations, or just relishing the diverse hues outdoors
  • turns up the saturation, making life look as brilliant as it should - this colour blindness glasses set enhances your daily colour experience
The Strong lens
The Strong lens
  • crucial for tasks that need sharp red-green colour distinction—think reading critical charts or wiring up gadgets
  • it’s about making sure you can spot the differences between red and green when it really counts - these are the moments when colourblind glasses prove their worth
60-day Money Back Guarantee
60-day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping
Free Shipping
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