Test your colour vision!

Get to know your colour vision deficiency type and receive a customised recommendation from us within 5 minutes.


Getting started

Please make sure you are in a relaxed environment with constant, natural lights. Reset your computer display to the default lighting and turn off night mode - if you have any fluorescent lights nearby, please switch them off for the duration of the test.

We can be more precise with calibration, but even without it we can achieve a good result.

Disclaimer: The test is designed to detect red or green type colour vision deficiency. We are not able to help with other colour vision problems, or only to a limited extent. This recommendation is based on the clinical experience of colour vision researchers and several patient examinations, but does not substitute thorough medical examination and evaluation performed by an experienced optometrist or eye specialist. The COLORON® Color Vision test tool is provided without warranty of any kind. For informative purposes only.



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